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True color consulting is a time-honored and highly developed art.  At All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218, we have been helping customers pick the best colors for over 35 years.  Putting color to use helps a home reach its full potential.  Good color selection combines interior design, interior decorating and painting knowledge.  We are familiar with color palettes from all paint manufacturers.       

Many factors go into selecting appropriate paint colors.  They include room size, lighting, existing furniture or architectural elements, and your personal color preferences.  A general rule is that color combinations that appear pleasing are made up of colors that are sympathetic, complimentary or in harmony with each other.  Colors that do not appear to be in harmony with each other are considered clashing colors.     

Here are some things our color consultant considers when assisting homeowners.

  • What colors inspire you?  What are your color preferences?  
  • What is the lighting in your house and the effect it has at different times of the day?   
  • Color inspiration can come from your pictures, furniture, clothes or other personal items.   
  • We're on the lookout for the right color.  Houses in your neighborhood are a great place to start.    
  • We ask you when you're out or traveling to keep in mind your interior design plan and gather ideas for colors.  Get samples for your file. 
  • We encourage you to collect swatches of fabric or take pictures of colors you like wherever you see them.  
  • No matter how hard you think it is to get the right color, don't worry, it doesn't take more than a couple of days to find the perfect color.

Tips when thinking of colors schemes.

  • Irregularly shaped rooms are better when painted mono-chromatically as they help to conceal wavy lines at the ceiling and wall connections. 
  • Respect the style and period of your home.
  • Consider using different colors on the woodwork, walls and ceilings in more traditional, regularly shaped spaces.
  • Traditionally, deeper colors have been applied to walls and the lighter colors applied to the ceiling and woodwork.
  • Don't use color gratuitously.  Often times, less is more when it comes to color. 
  • Check out your paint company's stock paint color chart.  These are the most popular and selected colors and a good place to start your color search.   Stock paint colors are a safe bet and look good in most settings. 

Homeowners can do a lot of the groundwork for selecting good colors before the consultant arrives.  One doesn't have to leave the comfort of one's home when selecting paint colors because all paint companies have color palettes available for viewing online.  If you request it before the color consult meeting, we can bring you a color collection fan deck that you can keep and look over at your leisure.    

The easiest way to select colors online is to go to  This house painting information site allows you to view colors from various paint manufacturers.  Click on the links to view the different companies color offerings.    Once inside these color sample sites, one may simply look at and pick colors or one can go to the color visualizer page and upload a photo of one's house, room, office, etc., color it in and print it out.  This displays a picture of the room with the selected colors for reference and viewing before painting.  

Before buying your paint, All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. recommends that you view a test sample of the color in the space you will be painting.  Draw downs are paint colors painted onto a piece of 8.5 x 11 cardboard.  They are a convenient way to view a color without having the mess of painting a color sample or samples directly on a wall.  The draw down can be held next to or taped up to any surface.  

All Los Angeles Painting has been helping homeowners decorate their homes with the right colors for over 35 years.  There is an hourly charge for color consulating.  We have a library of color chips and fan decks from many manufacturers dating back 90 years.  We have an extensive collection of Mid Century color decks and color cards.  No matter what shade, depth or hue of color, Alan probably has it and can get the right color samples for you.         

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