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Elastomeric paints are a special type of exterior paint.  It is a combination of elastic and paint.  It is a stretchable paint that provides a durable and waterproof coating to stucco, concrete block, wood and T-111 siding. 

Elastomeric paint is for exterior applications only.  Elastomeric paints are most often recommended for use on smooth trowel stucco with extensive cracking and as a water proofing membrane to protect certain buildings.  Elastomeric paint has a stretch coefficient of over 1/8" which allows it to cover smaller cracks while not letting those cracks show through.   

Elastomeric paint is a thick, rubberized paint with high acrylic content known for its waterproofing abilities. It is a good choice on exterior applications but only in very specific instances.  If elastomeric paint is used incorrectly or put on the wrong surface, it will fail.  An experienced elastomeric paint applicator like All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. at 310-470-9218 can determine if elastomeric paint is a good choice for a particular surface.   

Most paint manufacturers offer a limited five to 10 year warranty on their elastomeric paint products (beware, there are usually more holes in their warranty than in Swiss cheese).  Elastomeric warranties require the painter to follow specific instructions.  Painters must clean the surface, prime the surface, fill cracks with an elastomeric patching compound, and apply the elastomeric paint to the manufacturer's recommended mil thickness.  The mil thickness generally required for warranty coverage is between 16 and 20 dry mils.  

Elastomeric paints can be applied by brush and roller or with an airless paint sprayer. I prefer to apply the paint by brush and roller.  Applying it by brush and roller means that I have to apply 3-4 finish coats to build up to a 20 mil finish thickness, but I can control the texture better by applying it by hand.  A complete elastomeric paint application doesn't have the flat appearance that normal house paint does; there is a slight texture to the paint due to its thickness.  Also, elastomeric paint isn't self cleaning like other acrylic exterior paints and can look dirty after a while.    

Unless the applicator is sure that there is nothing to cause the elastomeric paint to fail, it is best to not to use it.  Many things can make elastomeric paint fail.  Unsealable attachments at rain gutters, precast stone missing grout near the stucco, decks with open attachments, open roof to stucco connections, and difficult wood to stucco connections among many other things can make for the early failure of elastomeric coatings.  Additionally, no one should ever use elastomeric paints on those small site walls that sit on dirt.

Elastomeric paint costs about the same as regular paint per gallon, but using elastomeric paint and primer requires about four times the amount of paint and labor to cover the same house.  Expect the cost of a proper elastomeric paint job to be about four times that of a regular stucco paint job.

It is rare that a house honestly needs elastomeric paint.  The two main reasons for this is most houses have too many points where water can get behind the coating and cause an elastomeric failure, and there are less expensive ways to get the same protective result without the expense of elastomeric paints.All Los Angeles Painting Company 310-470-9218 is an experienced applicator of elastomeric coatings. 

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