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All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 has been in the forefront of environmentally sensitive ways to paint and the responsible handling, conservation, and recycling of paint materials.  The use of eco-friendly practices and materials has recently become a focus of activity and education in the house painting industry.  Familiar to most homeowners, many of these products and techniques have been gaining acceptance in the paint industry.  

It is important for eco-friendly consumers to educate themselves about these techniques and procedures prior to hiring their painting contractor.  The recent emphasis on environmental consciousness and socially responsible actions is aimed at individual citizens, consumers and businesses. These developments have made it important for house painting companies to stay up to date regarding eco-friendly painting options.  

Increase in consumer awareness and demand for eco-friendly paint products have brought the prices of eco-friendlier materials to a level roughly equal to conventional paint prices.  Where possible, All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. makes green methods and techniques part of its standard business practices. 

Most paint manufacturers produce at least one line of low VOC or zero VOC finishes and paints. Some companies also produce entirely natural paints and finishes created from natural, raw source materials including plant dyes, resins and oils. Mythic Paints is one of these companies.  

The vast majority of these products are water-based.  Very few new paint products are made in oil bases, though there are a few stains and sealers derived from orange peel oil. 

Low and zero VOC paints and finishes are a happy improvement over the older interior and exterior paints that are still manufactured.  VOC's (volatile organic compounds) are the solvents in most paints that evaporate and react with other elements in the air to create that "paint smell" people often notice.  

Natural paints, made from readily available earth ingredients such as water, clay, milk, talc, and beeswax, are the most eco-friendly paints available today. These natural paints are good alternatives to the conventional style paints. They are all cost effective methods for adding color and vibrancy to the inside or outside of your home while being gentler for humans and the environment.

Eco-friendly paints and other products are available across the paint product spectrum.  Stains, varnishes, primers, plasters, special finish coatings and even chemicals used to strip old paint from the walls are coming on the market and are readily available.  

Additionally, there are many small efforts painting companies and painting contractors can make to limit the negative consequences any paint activity can have on the environment. Among these are the standard practices they use to wash and clean their own equipment. Painting companies on jobs lasting several days or more can get by without cleaning equipment on a daily basis. Wrapping rollers and brushes in plastic wrap nightly allows painters to Wait until the job is done before cleaning equipment.  This saves water on consumption and it saves the consumer money as the homeowner is not paying for tool clean up on a daily basis. 

Reusable cloth drop cloths can be used in place of plastic sheets to protect floors and furnishings from paint splatter or spills. Properly maintaining high quality paint brushes and rollers is also an ecologically sound practice for painting companies.  The longer the equipment lasts, the fewer brushes and rollers need to be purchased. This keeps waste out of already overburdened landfills.  An alternative to buying duster brushes is to use retired paint brushes for that purpose.   

The methods used by your painting contractor to clean up the waste left after the job should be ecologically sound. This includes recycling materials that can be recycled, donating unused or extra paint to charities, or bringing excess paint to community paint drop off centers, and being careful not to generate more trash than is necessary.  

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