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All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc., 310-470-9218 is highly skilled at furniture refinishing, cabinet finishing, cabinet repainting and furniture painting. Your furniture can be finished at your house or it can be refinished off site.  We can match any color of stain or paint.  Furniture finishes can be done with stain or paint. All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. is extremely detail oriented in its approach to refinishing cabinets and furniture. Your kitchen cabinets or furniture will be absolutely beautiful when they are complete.   

On typical jobs, the homeowner has a piece or pieces of used furniture that is showing signs of wear.  The homeowner prefers to keep their furniture but wants it to look like new. By emailing a picture to All Los Angeles Painting, Company, Inc. we can get you an approximate refinishing price over the phone.  

Refinishing furniture often involves stripping and cleaning prior to the application of stain and then the lacquer finish.  Furniture finishing is time and labor intensive.  A thorough refinishing job can take three to five days to complete.  Our refinishing process includes any repairs needed by a carpenter, a full cleaning (inside and out) coloring and clear lacquer finishing the piece.  

The first step in refinishing old furniture is to remove the old finish by chemical stripping which we do at your home or at our site.  Then we sand the piece, clean it, and putty holes and nicks. The piece is checked for any repairs needed.  Drawers glides are checked and hinges are inspected.  If any repairs need to be made, our onsite carpenter makes them before the refinishing starts.  

After all repairs have been made we clean and sand the piece top to bottom before we apply the first coat of sealer.  After applying sealer, we apply the first coat of color stain.  The finish color is checked as it is going on to make sure it matches the sample.  After color is applied, we seal that in and check color a second time.  Professional staining of furniture can involve multiple coats of color to get a rich deep look.  We either add another color glaze to the piece or add color to the sealant depending on what is required.  Depending on the budget and the customers taste, multiple glaze coats are applied between sealer coats.  

The gloss type you select for your cabinets for furniture is important to the overall look of your piece.  Your choices of finish gloss are:  Flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss all the way up to high gloss finish.  Weather you choose to stain or paint your furniture all finishes are available.  

We also paint cabinets and furniture.  We use a water based enamel paint which is spray applied to painted furniture and painted cabinets.  Kitchen cabinet painting and kitchen cabinet staining/finishing are done with the same care and techniques as are the pieces of furniture we finish.    

At All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. we pride ourselves on being able to turn back the hands of time on any piece of furniture.  When finished, the entire piece looks like it just rolled off the original factory assembly line.  Our refinished furniture is completely reconditioned and new looking when we return them to the homeowner.  

Call All Los Angeles  Painting Company, Inc @ 310-470-9218 to discuss your cabinet repainting or furniture refinishing project.  

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