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A good painting contractor is required to know how to replace a broken window pane.  Consequently, knowledge of removing old broken glass, preparing the sash bed, using glazing compound, and installing new glass is what All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 does well.  
It is common to have windows on a house where the putty or glazing needs fixing.  Regular glazing or putty is commonly used to glaze windows. For sealing glass in metal sash, ordinary putty is not satisfactory.  For metal windows, metal glazing compound is required.  They differ from common putty in that they dry hard on the surface and remain somewhat elastic underneath.  Long term flexibility is important for glazing compounds.  They must be able to flex as the wood or metal sash and glass expand and contract at different rates due to heat from the sun.

The surface to which glazing compounds are applied must be properly prepared before the glazing is applied.  This keeps the putty from crumbling or separating too quickly.  All glazing compounds outlast ordinary putty.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. uses Dap glazing compounds for window glazing.  There are other glazing products on the market that also work well.  Fix'n Finish Glazing compound is another product that works well.

After applying glazing to a sash bed, it must be smoothed to an even slope after it is applied to give it a professionally finished look and proper functionality.   Priming and painting the finished putty is important to keep it from drying out completely, and maintaining its long term elasticity.    

If you need your metal or wood windows reglazed, call All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. at 310-470-9218.  We use the appropriate types of glazing for metal and putty for wood windows.  Metal windows need their own special type of putty or glazing. 

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