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Los Angeles homeowners are increasingly selecting natural paints for their interior house painting needs.  Along with green painting techniques, the use of natural paints makes interior house painting a pleasant and an earth friendly way of maintaining their homes.  By being environmentally sensitive, homeowners are supporting companies that provide sustainable alternatives to conventional house paints. All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 is a leading user of environmental, natural and low VOC paints.

Natural Paints and Finishes are made from raw ingredients such as water, plant resins, plant dyes and essential oils; natural minerals such as clay, chalk and talcum; milk casein, natural latex, bees' wax, earth and mineral dyes.  These natural paint products are as durable and easy to apply as conventional water based paints.  Water based natural paints give off almost no smell. The oil-based natural paints usually have a pleasant fragrance of citrus or essential oils. Allergies and sensitivities to these paints are uncommon. These paints are selected by people wanting the safest paint for their health and the environment.

Zero VOC - An alternative to natural paints is the Zero VOC paint.  This paint is made by many manufacturers and is available in most local paint stores. Manufactured paints with VOC's in the range of five grams per litre or less can be called "Zero VOC", according to the EPA Reference Test Method 24. Some manufacturers may claim "Zero-VOC's", but these paints may still use colorants, biocides and fungicides with some VOC's. Unless the colorant is also specified as no-voc, addition of colorants will add VOC's to paint.  Adding standard color tints usually brings the VOC level up to 10 grams per liter, which is still low.

Many paint manufacturers have multiple offerings in the Low VOC paints, stains and varnishes category.  These products use water as a carrier instead of petroleum-based solvents. As such, the levels of harmful emissions are lower than solvent-borne paints and varnishes. These certified coatings also contain no, or very low levels of heavy metals and formaldehyde. 

The amount of VOC's varies among different "low-VOC" products, and is listed on the paint can or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). To meet EPA standards, paints and stains must not contain VOCs in excess of 200 grams per litre. Varnishes must not contain VOCs in excess of 300 grams per liter. As a general rule, low VOC paints marketed by reputable paint manufacturers usually meet the 50 g/L VOC threshold. Paints with the Green Seal Standard (GS-11) mark are certified lower than 50 g/L (for flat sheen) or 150 g/L (for non-flat sheen).  Low VOC paints will still emit an odor until dry. If you are particularly sensitive, make sure the paint you buy contains fewer than 25 grams/liter of VOC's.

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