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Los Angeles Painter by the Day 310-470-9218

Need a paint job done quickly, or have a small job that just needs one painter?  Call 310-470-9218.  We can supply one painter for a small job or more painters for a large job on short notice.  Whatever your painting needs are, All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. can send you skilled painters to start and finish any job, whenever you need it.  Call today for a rate quote.    

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. offers experienced, reliable, honest, fully-insured house painter or house painters on a daily rate to paint even the smallest jobs.  Our painter for the day is equipped with all the tools to tackle your paint job.  We charge you for the painter + the direct cost for paint and masking items that are used on your house.  We do not mark up the supplies used on your house.  They are priced direct from the paint store to you.  

Our painters bring ladders, brushes, rollers, etc. and use of these tools are included in the painter for the day labor cost.  We can staff your job with painters with only one day's notice.  

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. can quickly match any color of paint you want and we can get most brands of paint on short notice.  Our team of painters is skilled at covering floors and furniture, so feel comfortable knowing your home of office can be painted just like you like it whenever you want it, Sunday through Friday.  We are closed on Saturday.  

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