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All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 310-470-9218 has been patching drywall and plaster for over 35 years.  We specialize in patching high end custom homes and residences.  All areas, including furniture, are masked and protected to minimize dust prior to the start of our patching work.  

We can match just about any drywall texture or plaster texture.  Large patches are taped with fiberglass mesh tape to minimize the chances that small cracks will appear around our patch work.  Small holes are patched with a 20 minute quick dry patching compound.  Most patching jobs can be done in one day and ready to paint the next day.  

On smooth drywall and plaster, our patches are virtually invisible when completed.  On textured drywall and plaster our patches are also virtually invisible. We can match textures from a slight orange peel texture all the way to heavy knock down textures.  We also patch exterior stucco and can blend almost any texture to match existing.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. specializes in blending and smoothing previous bad stucco patch jobs.    

We patch walls and ceilings.  We back our drywall patches with wood and screw into the backing to give a solid patch that won't move.  We are able to patch numerous holes, regardless of size, very quickly.  Minimum charges apply for coming out to fix one, two or just a few holes.

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. does complete skim coating on walls and ceilings.  A skim coat or smooth coat is a thin, even coat of plaster compound applied to an uneven wall or ceiling to make it smooth.  Skim coating is often used after acoustical (often called pop corn ceilings or cottage cheese ceilings) ceilings are scraped off.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, cleans, primes and then applies skim coats to smooth out ceilings and walls where the homeowner no longer wants the orange peel or knock down textures.  Orange peel and knock down textures were commonly applied textures to homes in the 70's through the 90's.  Many homeowners now prefer to have smooth walls and ceilings.  

The product All Los Angeles Painting currently uses for skim coating doesn't need to be sanded and is nearly dust free.  Skim coating jobs can usually be scheduled within one to two days after contacting us.  Because we don't have to sand our smooth coated walls, our jobs are completed faster and with less inconvenience to the Client.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. is expert at applying skim coat to interior walls and ceilings.  Skim coating makes your walls and ceilings smooth like old fashioned plaster.  It is a great way to upgrade the look of your residence.           

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