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What our clients have to say about us.

How often have you been excited about hiring someone to do some work on your house or apartment? For me, not often and yet excited is exactly how I felt after interviewing Alan of All Los Angeles Painting about painting the interior of my house.  I had already seen two other painting contractors who were nice enough and agreed with my idea to install dry wall in the cracked ceilings instead of repairing the cracks.

Then I met Alan. He looked around my house and correctly identified that it had been built in 1927.  After listening to what I wanted he suggested what he thought might be more appropriate and in keeping with the character of the house, including repairing the cracks instead of putting up dry wall. This first interview gave me a solid sense of Alan's integrity and talent and I felt confident about the work he would do.

All along the way Alan was open to my requests and creative in working with me to help keep or restore the integrity of the house. He came up with the perfect color for my living room- one I would not have chosen on my own but after living with a sample on the wall decided to trust Alan and he was absolutely right. In addition to the actual painting aspect Alan was helpful about other design aspects- suggesting that while I was going to paint the hallway that I take down the old track lighting and put up a beautiful hanging light. That too proved to be the perfect solution.

All Los Angeles Painting is so much more than a painting company. Alan's attention to detail is phenomenal. He made sure that all the doors and windows to be painted were planed or sanded so that they would close properly once his new layers of paint were applied. All of his crew members were professional, polite and respectful. I can honestly say that the work done by All Los Angeles Painting is far and away the best paint job I have had done on my house in the 23 years I have lived here. I look forward to having them return to do the rest of the house.

Deborah H.

Alan Silverstein runs his business the old-fashioned way:  Impeccable service, courteous and extremely competent and fastidious painters.  We have used Alan's services for our house painting since 2003 and would never consider going anywhere else.  Alan has great taste to boot and came up with a wonderful color scheme for our house in Venice Beach.  Once you have hired Alan Silverstein you can just breathe easy.  We feel very lucky to have found him.  Just recently, and with just a day's notice, Alan was able to send us a crew to help us weatherproof just in time for the big storms.  We can't say enough great things about him and his employees. 

-Marie F.

I had heard of All Los Angeles Painting's great reputation from two friends.  I decided to give Alan a call and I was glad that I did.  Alan and his crew did a neat and clean job.  All Los Angeles Painting Company respected my things and protected them.  Alan painted my home perfectly, cleaned and removed all the dust bunnies from behind my furniture, and then put everything back in place.  He finished my place before eight hours and offered to do touch ups on additional items at my place; amazing!  Alan suggested the right types of paints and my home still looks like it was just painted.  In my opinion, All Los Angeles Painting Company is the best painting contractor in Los Angeles.   

-Perry K.

We were moving from New York to a house in California and I had to do everything with Alan sight unseen.  He was great.  super accommodating and responsive.  Happy to do anything and everything we needed; including a few things that had absolutely nothing to do with painting our house.  Just an all-around great service experience. 

But most importantly, their work was INCREDIBLE.  Seriously, their work was flawless.  Alan's detail-oriented nature is really amazing.  The house we bought had dozens of halogen lightbulbs in plastic enclosures built into the ceiling throughout the house.   Alan's guys didn't tape and paint around them, they removed each one and painted underneath to insure a that no paint got on the light trims.  We also had stained window frames.  Not only didn't they get a speck of paint where it didn't belong, they actually removed old paint flecks from the stain due to a sloppy previous job from the developer's painter.  Bottom line, Alan is going to notice and handle details you will never even pick up on (and I say this as a super-picky homeowner who notices everything).  I just walk around my house and marvel at how great everything looks.  

I also want to note that he came in exactly at the agreed-upon budget and even managed to include painting the garage which wasn't part of the original estimate.  

I have to say again that I have owned several apartments and houses and have worked with more than my share of painters, electricians, plumbers, etc., and Alan is head and shoulders above; both in the level of service I received and the quality of his work.   

-Barry S.  

I  thought that our building would be too large for a reasonable priced painting company.  All Los Angeles Painting Company did a great job at our agreed upon price and schedule.  Our buildings looks amazing.  Thanks Alan!

-Rabbi Isaac Summers, Anshe Emet Synagogue

When we renovated our home, the last thing we wanted to think about was painting the interior and exterior.  We were pleasantly surprised with how easy Alan and All Los Angeles Painting Company made it.  Alan suggested our interior and exterior colors, which we love.  He told us about an environmentally safe finish for our wood paneled library that looks great.  He was always reachable and supervised the job every day.  All Los Angeles Painting hauled off all their debris at the end of the job.  We highly recommend All Los Angeles Painting Company. 

-Chris B.

It was a breath of fresh air dealing with a house painter that actually responded promptly to phone calls and was professional in every way.  Our house painting was done to exacting standards, the preparation and clean up were impeccable and most importantly, the job was done to look great and last a long time.  We have contracted Alan and his team twice and wouldn't consider another contractor for our next project.  I honestly feel as though Alan painted our house with the same care he would exercise in painting his own home.   

-Robert D.

Alan Silverstein isn't called the "guru" of Los Angeles conventional and decorative painting for nothing, with his hand picked crew in tow, Silverstein is up to any challenge, offering and impressive list of services including:  glazing, staining, faux finishing, straight interior & exterior painting and Venetian plaster.  After 26 years in the business, Silverstein can take clients' sketchy ideas and translate them into a beautiful finished product.  He is known to go the extra mile, using an additional coat of paint to give a "luxurious" enamel look or sensing when a color "just isn't quite right" and redoing it.  

Silverstein's firm is said to be professional, efficient and extremely ethical.  Sources say Silverstein believes in building a relationship with his clients that will last many years, not just long enough for the paint to dry.  We hear that Alan returns calls the same day and is sensitive to clients' budgets.  Silverstein also keeps up on the latest paints and techniques, including environmentally responsible products and some European imports.  Both interior decorators and homeowners praise his firm for fair business practices and lovely work, a combination that keeps them coming back year after year.  Though prices are described as high, clients say the quality of work combined with the lower than normal disturbance and mess is well worth it.   

-Franklin Report 1st edition 2002

If you are looking for an efficient house painter and interior designer - all at the same time, All Los Angeles Painting Company Inc. is the one you are looking for. They have excellent service and they truly deserve a five star rating. Alan is truly remarkable. I contacted them to repaint my guest-room-turned-nursery. I don't know if it was my hormones playing tricks with me but I was truly undecided when it came to choosing the right color. So naturally I was a difficult customer to please! Alan and his team were so patient and very professional. Instead of pushing me into making a decision, or worse yet, deciding for myself, he suggested several options that worked well in the room. His recommendations were really amazing, I ended up allowing him to do his thing and I was so amazed when I saw the result! Alan is so creative and obviously experienced. Added to that, his crew is always on time and ready to be of assistance. Another thing that amazed me was Alan's attention to detail.

Alan worked according to our preferences, such as the number of days needed and whether to send an extra pair of hands to finish in time. He organized the job so that they had more people available and simultaneously saving time and finishing well within the required deadline. That saved us on costs as well. Alan personally managed his team and he was available every step of the way. Job well done!

Elinore K.

These guys are amazing.  Alan and his crew of talented artists transformed our little downtown loft space into a breath of fresh air.  I was so impressed by their detail oriented way of painting and their promise to go above and beyond what was asked of them.  Their team was paid by the day and had only a limited amount of time to work with, but nonetheless, they finished their job before the deadline and painted more walls for no extra charge!  I can't ask for anything more than what they did, they not only did what they were supposed to do, they surpassed it!  I highly, HIGHLY recommend them.  Do yourself a favor and hire Alan's team to take care of your home.  You won't regret it.  

-Barney S.

I've been an interior designer in L.A. for a number of years now and there's a good reason I recommend Alan and his team at All Los Angeles Painting Company to my clients for all of their painting needs: In my opinion they are, without a doubt, the most qualified and experienced painters in the city. First of all, I haven't met another painter that takes the same amount of pride in his/her work that Alan does. You can tell that Alan doesn't just see his work as a means of income and that he's the kind of guy who wouldn't sleep at night if he knew his team hadn't done the best painting job they could. This is exactly why I recommend All Los Angeles Painting! Alan is very helpful at suggesting colors and options for repairing walls and ceilings and he has a great eye for color and knows what works where.  If you're interested in finding a painter who is different from the rest, will give you a top-quality job for a price that's fair, then I strongly suggest you call All Los Angeles Painting Company.

-Fiona K.

I met with Alan shortly after purchasing my first home. I needed the interior painted fairly quickly before I moved in with all my furniture. After meeting with him, I got a good vibe that he'd work with me in choosing the right color(s) based on my likes and style of the house instead of some other company's "just pick a color from the pamphlet and we'll hire some guys" way of going about things. We talked about various options, got a bunch sample paints and then they went to work. His team was great and able to take care of two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, hallway and one bathroom in 2 days.

There was a bit of a issue with me and the Dunn-Edwards Hollywood store, so I'd recommend going with Alan's preferred Sherwin-Williams location. Which leads me to the second time I contacted Alan for a fairly small re-texturing and repainting of a 4 foot by 8 foot drywall (both sides).

The texture of the wall the handyman left when he installed my TV and did the patching looked pretty rough. I called Alan to see if he could help me with this and he said he could do it with one guy in a day or if I wanted, or he could talk me through how to do it myself. I was happily surprised he offered to do that, but ended up having him send his guy to take care of it since his team did such a good job on the rest of the house and I wanted to make sure it perfectly matched the surrounding walls.

Calling Alan again was definitely the right move as his painter worked the whole day doing various things to smooth out and match the texture, then painted 2 coats and cleaned up the edges at the ceiling.  Alan had his man paint the wall down the hallway to the corner and now there is no discernible difference between old and new painting work.

After having two jobs done by All Los Angeles Painting, one big one small, I'd give them two big thumbs up for service and quality. The house looks great and when I need additional painting I'll be using them in the future.

Jon W. 

Wow, talk about an excellent painting contractor! 

My husband and I needed to hire a painter on short notice who could get all the walls of the interior of our newly purchased 1300 sq. ft. home done in two days.  Not many people could get that done (plus some extra stuff) but All Los Angeles Painting Company did. 

Alan came out and took a look at our home with an expert eye and pointed out various things that needed to be done as well. We had cracks in our ceilings, especially by a skylight, that needed to be patched, gaps along our floorboard that should be sealed, carpet peaking out from under the fireplace (Don't ask...)...a lot of things that we originally were going to put off but that Alan suggested should and could be done in the amount of time we had and with our budget.

His guys worked really fast and did a fabulous job.  All the edges were clean and they got all the walls painted, the carpet pulled out, the floorboards sealed, the ceiling patched and painted and even managed to fit in doing a fresh coat in our closets!!  Whew!  Talk about productive and efficient!  And they did an awesome job both prepping and cleaning up after themselves so no mess was left behind; no drips, dribbles or drops of paint where there should be none. 

We are definitely going to use All Los Angeles Painting for all our house painting needs in the future.

Rosa B.

Alan was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond helping us find the perfect colors for our home and understanding the work that he and he and his guys could do. His estimate was incredibly fair and the final cost didn't exceed that price by one cent... which was amazing considering the extra work these guys do.

Alan and his crew arrived right on time the day of our painting and the first thing you notice is the level of professionalism of his team. They really help you to understand all of the different options you have (like what types of paint to use and where to put certain colors) and they are extremely polite and caring of your home. In the midst of the work on my house, Alan assisted in helping me to patch a large size hole above my fireplace with drywall and texturing it so it matched the other walls. This easily could have cost me hundreds of extra dollars, but Alan was happy to help and not charge extra for it.  It was these types of service details that will make me use Alan for any future jobs and recommend him to anybody willing to listen.

Stop your painting search right now (we searched for months and couldn't be happier with our decision). There's a reason Alan has such a great reputation and it's because he truly is a gem. I cannot praise his service enough and couldn't be happier with our house painting experience from start to finish.

Matt L.

I can not say enough about All Los Angeles Painting Company! I had several companies come out to give me an estimate, but Alan was by far the most knowledgeable and professional. He is not only professional and hires an equally professional crew, but he is intuitive as well.  My 1930s Spanish style home needed a serious facelift as it hadn't been painted for over 10 years! 

I was impressed with how meticulous the crew was in the prep work. Actually, this is when I was so beyond glad that I hired him! The crew never cut corners and they really did scrape the old paint so that we didn't have pockets of loose paint popping up after the new paint had been put on. The clean up was also very impressive!  Every day...and I mean EVERY day those guys CLEANED UP!!!..No soda cans, cigarette butts, paint chips...No tools or any other odds and ends were left without care on my property.  Instead, the plastic, the paint chips...everything was picked up and disposed of each evening. Tools were placed neatly in one designated spot. And then there was the actual painting! Flawless! Alan helped us with the the perfect shade for the house and trim.  (He really is much much more than a painter!) 

Our home needed TLC and top notch work and that's what Alan and his crew delivered. Alan clearly communicated with me and was an excellent LISTENER.  Alan really does care. He has integrity and is truly passionate about helping his clients realize their visions of their home.  

I HIGHLY recommend Alan and All Los Angeles Painting Company!

Ayana G.

I was in a bind and needed someone to paint and patch my recently demo'd kitchen with one day's notice.  I called Alan on a Monday morning and he estimated my work that afternoon.  Alan had his crew out the next day at 8:30AM sharp ready to start work.  The crew did an outstanding job patching all of the walls that had extensive damage after a backsplash was removed.  In addition, they were accommodating to each specific request I gave them.  Our electrician (who was working the same time as the painters) even commented about the speed in which they worked and how good they were.

Alan was extremely helpful throughout the process.  He helped us greatly by recommending paint that would be the safest for our new infant (Mythic Paint by the way) and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we were satisfied at all check points.  When Alan and I did a walk-through of the site, he was extremely thorough in his own evaluation, even picking out things I had missed.  He also provided terrific advice on other aspects of our remodel project which turned out to be invaluable.

I would recommend Alan and All Los Angeles Painting Company without hesistation for all jobs big and small.

Mitch P.

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