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Venetian Plaster (also known as polished plaster, colored plaster, marmorino, or faux plaster) is a popular decorative plastering technique that gives the glamorous multi-dimensional look of polished marble or natural stone to walls and ceilings.  Venetian Plaster, as we know it today, got it's start in 16th century Italy.  Cladding walls in marble is difficult and expensive so the artisans of renaissance Italy developed a plaster that matched the look of real marble.  This Venetian Plaster was used as an architectural finish in some of the greatest Italian residences of the period.  

All Los Angeles Painting Company at 310-470-9218 is a leading installer of Venetian Plaster.  Venetian Plaster is applied by hand by an experienced Plaster specialist.  We are experienced with and use all brands of Venetian Plaster sold in Los Angeles.     

In Los Angeles, Venetian Plastering has become a popular way to give rooms dramatic and deep color. Venetian Plaster is a special finish used primarily on residential and commercial interiors.   Many techniques are used to apply Venetian Plaster.  Each plastering technique gives a specific finished look.  Some Venetians are very smooth while others can have a slightly rough texture.  Venetian Plaster finishes are available in all colors and can be tinted or matched to any desired color.    

Virtually any natural stone look can be achieved by using Venetian Plaster, or one color can be applied tightly to give the walls a unichromatic high gloss, deep finish.  Venetian Plaster and other wall plaster techniques add visual interest, warmth and charm to specially selected rooms.  All Los Angeles Painting Company only uses water soluble and eco-friendly Venetian Plasters.    

Using Venetian Plaster is a striking design choice that fits well in casual, contemporary, loft or traditional homes.  Venetian Plaster can be used in any room, but it is most often used in dining rooms, entry halls, and powder bathrooms.  

Visual depth in Venetian Plaster is achieved when the plaster is applied over a primer and matching color base coat.  Application of one to five layers of Venetian Plaster is generally required to achieve the desired finish.  The final layer is polished (called burnishing) with a steel trowel to achieve a smooth glass-like finish.  

Finished Venetian Plasters can be sealed with a protective layer of wax and buffed to a high gloss.  It can also be left in its natural burnished state which is less glossy.  

There is no limit to the unique effects that can be achieved with Venetian Plaster.  For example, two or more colors of Venetian Plaster can be used, mixed or layered during application to add depth and interest.  Overglazes can also be applied after burnishing or metallic colors can be added to the final wax; each finishing layer can give the Venetian Plaster a completely new look.  

Regardless of which Venetian Plaster technique or color is chosen, Venetians provide a unique, customized and striking wall finish that can be admired for years.  Below are some viewing samples of Venetian Plaster supplied by the Vella Venetian Plaster Company.  Venetian Plasters can be made in any color.  

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