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All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. is highly skilled in removing wallpaper, wallpaper glue, and sanitas.  When we work on your wallpaper removal project, your walls are left completely clean and ready to be painted, faux finished or rewallpapered.  All Los Angeles uses only hot tap water to remove wallpaper and wallpaper glue.  We use no chemicals during wallpaper removal.

Care must be taken not to get water into the electrical outlets.  The outlets should be carefully covered with heavy tape so water doesn't go into them.  A minimum of water is used when working near electrical outlets.  Optimally, the power should be shut off in the room prior to the removal of wallpaper; although this is not always practical, feasible or allowed by the homeowner.  

There are two types of walls, plaster and drywall.  Each has to be treated differently when removing wallpaper.  If the walls were primed previously to the application of wallpaper, removal is usually easy.  If the walls weren't primed prior to being wallpapered, the removal job is often more time consuming.      

During wallpaper removal, furniture is moved away from the walls and covered with clean plastic drop cloths to prevent dirt, dust or moisture from damaging your furniture. We replace all furniture to its original place after wallpaper removal is complete. All other surfaces such as mirrors, windows, counter tops, sinks, and toilets in baths are all wiped down cleaned daily. 

Wallpaper generally has a vinyl face and a paper backing.  Sometimes behind the paper backing is an additional backing paper called blank stock.  Blank stock is used to give the wallpaper a more level finished look when it is being applied on a drywall with a orange peel or spatter wall finish.    

Wallpaper is usually removed in two phases.  The first phase is the dry removal of the top coat or vinyl facing.  It usually peels off easily leaving the backing and glue which is the more labor intensive part of the wallpaper removal project.  

To remove the backing and glue we wet the walls with warm water applied with a sponge or roller.  In about 15 minutes, the water begins to loosen the paper and glue.  When the paper and glue are loose, we begin to carefully remove them.  This process takes some time, but it works and when it is finished there is a clean wall surface ready to paint.     

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. can determine unusual conditions and will notify you about what you can expect the walls to look like after wallpaper removal.  There is no way to avoid damage to drywall when the Wallpaper was applied to unprimed drywall.  The damaged drywall can be repaired by priming and patching the walls, but this always ads cost and time to the wallpaper removal project.     

All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. can do all plaster and drywall repair after wallpaper removal.  We do it all including plaster repair, drywall repair, texturing and skim coating. 

After wallpaper removal is complete, wall and ceiling surfaces are scrubbed clean to insure any residual glue is gone.  Any glue residue left on walls after wallpaper removal will cause new paint to crackle and peel.  When we finish your wallpaper removal, we leave your walls completely clean.  

If you will be rewallpapering, ask your wallpaper installer which primer he wants.  Every wallpaper installer has a preferred wallpaper primer.  All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. will use the primer that your wallpaper installer requests.     

If the walls are to be painted, All Los Angeles Painting Company will prime, patch, and paint your walls to which ever color you like.   

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